Hello I am Vango_theprophet, I am an American independent rapper. I have many talents and skills, to assist my performing/entertaining to a different level.



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Hello, my name is Joshua Govans I am an American independent rapper, I am 26 years old born in Baltimore raised in Frederick, Maryland.  My stage name is Vango_theproophet.  I am a very experienced gymnast/street tumbler, I have had the ability to do flips at a very young age. I have performed in various gymnastic competitions, for over 10 years. I have been making music since 2007, from then to 2017 I have worked on my craft and artistry. Ten years later I dropped my first song on Soundcloud it was released June 3, 2017, “Come One Come All”. From there I dropped my next single “God Sent”.  I managed to put most of the songs that I already released on Soundcloud on all platforms starting on March 14, 2018, and that’s when I first started my career as a independent artist.   

I received a chance to submit my music in 2017 to UMG/INTERSCOPE Records to there 2017-10-25 to 2018-01-24 campaign, 2 out 4 songs were highlighted to be sent in to be reviewed by A&R’s.  I performed at a show case at Bowie State University for the first time.  On August 8, 2018, I received an email from Shady Records (Eminems Record Label), inviting me to submit my music.  Shortly after receiving the email I released my Ep: Road To Riche$.  I have been recently releasing singles, and looking for different ways to expand my sound, whether thats through radio, streaming, performing, ext. 

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Email: Musicvango@gmail.com

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